A wedding cake from the Cake Couture portfolio


How much do your cakes cost?
Because each cake is unique, my prices vary from one cake to the next where size, flavor,and design can all influence the price of the cake. On average costomers pay anywhere from $4.00 to $6.00 per guest. During our consultation we will discuss your budget and design.

Can you ship your cakes?
Due to the fragile nature of the cakes, they cannot be shipped. However we can make arrangements to personally deliver a cake for an additional cost.

Do you offer other cake flavors or fillings other than the list on the menu?
Yes, I would be happy to try and suggestions that you may have. I also make organic cakes for 25% more of the base price.

Can we have a display cake with a sheet cake to serve my guests?
Yes, I offer a main cake with a minimum 100 person order and sheet cakes at 15% less of the base price.

Do you make cookies and other pastries?
Yes, they are not on the menu but we do offer cookies and pastries. Please call to discuss your needs.